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Piano Repairs

Piano repairs

There are times when things go wrong.

Metal springs might break.
Glue joints disintegrate.
High humidity levels may have affected parts of the mechanism preventing it from playing freely.
Felts and leathers can harden.
Pedals start squeaking at the most inappropriate time.
Copper wound bass strings decide to rattle like snakes.
And … we haven’t even mentioned moths and mice yet.

Relax! Depending on the nature and severity of the problem with your piano, most things can be fixed in your home.

Piano Restoration

Piano restoration

Even after many years of adequate servicing there may come a time when parts of your piano need replacing.

Hammer heads may have no felt left to reshape them.
Damper felts may have hardened and lost their damping power.
Steel strings may have corroded over time, affecting tone and tuneability.
Bass strings may have lost their youthful power and clarity, and now sound dull.
Tuning pins might be getting loose, compromising tuning stability.
Key coverings might be chipped, or have so much sideways movement that they touch each other

Now is the time to get assistance!

Tell us about your needs and expectations regarding your piano, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you with clarifying your concerns.